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Connections with local government

Natural Resources SA Murray Darling Basin (SAMDB) works with all the 15 local governments in the region. This involves engagement with local government via direct consultation on natural resource matters, and joint projects on issues like roadside vegetation, plant and animal pests, water quality, and land use planning.

Natural Resources SAMDB also engages with local government on a regular basis with three regional local goverment natural resources management (NRM) advisory groups meeting three to four times per year. Natural Resources SAMDB staff and/or SA Murray-Darling Basin NRM Board members also present to individual local governments or to the regional local government associations, such as Murray Mallee Local Government Association, on a regular basis when asked.

Natural Resources SAMDB's goal is to strengthen these ties by identifying and developing relationships between staff members and those within the councils at all levels. These relationships will help us more effectively engage the communities we work in and help more regional people do more NRM better.

Regional councils and organisations