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Natural Resources South Australian Murray-Darling Basin offers lots of ways to get involved with your environment.

By joining the River Murray Youth Council (RMYC) or going to a Young Environmental Leaders (YEL) forum, you can play a part in looking after our natural resources, take action on environmental issues and have your say about how we can protect our landscape now and into the future.

We have resources, programs and information to support young people such as information about work experience and career pathways.

River Murray Youth Council

The River Murray Youth Council is a group of students from year 8-12 in the SA Murray-Darling Basin (SAMDB) region interested in learning about and caring for the environment. There are two groups – one in the Lower Murray and Mallee and one in the Upper Murray.

By being involved with the River Murray Youth Council you may quality for SACE credits in year 11 or 12 through Self-directed Community Learning: Taking a leadership role in Landcare or conservation groups

Please speak with your SACE Coordinator for more information. 

Young Environmental Leaders Program

The Young Environmental Leaders Program is open to students in Year 5-7. The program provides four students from each school in the SAMDB region with outstanding opportunities to develop as young leaders with a connection to and respect for their local environment. Forums are held each term and involve fun, hands-on activities in a natural setting such as a national park or a wetland.

If you are a year 5-7 student in the SAMDB region and interested in becoming a Young Environmental Leader, talk to your teacher and direct them to our website.

Youth Environment Council

The Youth Environment Council provides an opportunity for like-minded Year 7-10 students from across SA to share, learn and be inspired about sustainability. The YEC offers free camps, online workshops and forums to give students the skills and knowledge to run their own environmental action projects in their local community.

If you are a student in year 7-10 in South Australia and interested in joining the Youth Environment Council, visit the YEC (SA) website.

Youth voice

NRM Education supports youth action groups in schools to help students make changes within their schools.

The NRM Education team mentors student environment/youth action groups and assists them to develop plans and projects within their schools. NRM Education also has a number of resources that can assist student groups to explore sustainability.

If you are a student in the SAMDB region and would like to start an environment group at school, speak to your teacher and ask them to contact your local Education Officer.

Resources for kids

Research projects

We can assist students with research projects by:

  • linking you to contacts and information on environmental topics
  • linking you to community groups or people with specialist knowledge and examples of on-ground projects
  • helping you choose a study topic based on local environmental issues

For research project topic ideas click here

To provide fair and efficient access to our resources, you must:

  1. Clearly define your research project topic.
  2. Only ask for specialist help from our staff if all usual sources have failed to provide an answer (e.g. internet, school and public libraries). Before you start, check our other webpages - you might find what you need there.
  3. Make specific requests. It is better to ask, ‘What salinity interception schemes are used around Renmark?’ than to ask, ‘Please give me information on salinity in the River Murray.’

Before you contact us, it is important you:

  1. Have your idea approved by your teacher.
  2. Plan ahead and allow at least a week for a reply to your request.

Use the contacts below to submit your research project request.

Waterwatch and citizen science

NRM Education offers Waterwatch and citizen science programs. Waterwatch is a water quality monitoring program that provides you with an opportunity to make a difference to your local creek, river, dam or wetland. Citizen science  is a way for local community members (including students) to collect scientific data about a variety of environmental topics including birds, frogs and turtles.

If you are a student in the SAMDB region and would like to participate in any of these programs, speak to your teacher and ask them to contact your local Education Officer. You can also take part in many citizen science activities on your own.


Volunteering is a rewarding experience for people of all ages. Volunteers make new friends, learn new things, have fun and keep fit – all in the beautiful surroundings of the SA Murray-Darling Basin!


Upper Murray Education Officer

Cindy Kakoschke
08 8580 1800

Lower Murray Education Officer

Danielle Dutschke
08 8532 9100

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