Swamp Savers

The Fleurieu Swamps are a unique and critically endangered ecosystem. Since 2014, students from Fleurieu Peninsula schools have learnt about biodiversity and the importance of the Fleurieu Swamps through the Swamp Savers Program.

Mount Compass Area School students have been trained to become Swamp Leaders and are available to take students from other schools on tours of the swamp. Contact Mount Compass Area School for more information.

Fleurieu Swamps Excursion Guide

The Mount Compass School Swamp boardwalk has been upgraded. Why not take your class along to learn about the unique swamp ecosystem?

The Fleurieu Swamps Excursion Guide contains a collection of activities that can be undertaken at the Mount Compass Swamp or any other natural area, including a local wetland, creek or the school yard. Activities include:

  • water monitoring
  • plant identification
  • setting up photo points
  • geocaching
  • animal habitat game
  • connecting with nature activities

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