Enviro Lounge

Regular, open and casual afternoons featuring a guest speaker and opportunities to share and network with fellow teachers and NRM staff. 

Held once per term, the sessions will include an afternoon tea, a guest speaker and time to chat and share what you have been achieving at school. 

All teachers will receive PD certificates for attendance.

The sessions aim to provide:

  • Concise and current information on environmental or sustainability topics
  • Hands-on activities and take home resources linked to the Australian Curriculum
  • Access to experts
  • Examples of projects from schools in your local area
  • Opportunities for networking with other teachers

Upcoming Teacher Enviro Lounge Sessions

The upcoming Enviro Lounge Sessions will have a focus on the following topics:

Term 3 - People in parks – connecting with your local environment
Term 4 - Water for the future – looking after the River Murray

Lower Murray sessions

17 August 2017
9 November 2017

Upper Murray sessions

9 August 2017
1 November 2017

For information about these topics, contact your local NRM Education Coordinator.

Upper Murray NRM Education Coordinator
Bec Stevens
08 8580 1820

Lower Murray NRM Education Coordinator
Angela Breeding
08 8391 7514

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