Bat resources

Bats are one of the largest groups of mammals and they are the only mammals that have the ability of sustainable flight. There are 16 species of microbats in the South Australian Murray-Darling Basin Region.

Students can learn about local species, their threats, and take action to conserve their local bats.

Available to borrow

Bat Education Kit (880kb pdf)
The Bat Kit has information and resources to provide an insight into the world of bats, how they can be incorporated into the Australian Curriculum and activities to undertake. Available to borrow from Natural Resource Centres. Contact your local Education Officer.

You can also borrow:

  • Anabat Detector - set it up in your school to record the bats flying through your yard
  • Echo Meter Touch and iPad - see the calls of the bats as they fly overhead
  • Video camera - check your bat box

Bat resources


The following videos are available from our Teaching resources - bats playlist on YouTube.

  • Bat catching fish
  • Bat catching moth
  • Bats in bat box
  • Feeding bats


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Lower Murray Education Officer

Danielle Dutschke
08 8532 9100

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