Community bat monitoring

A bat monitoring program for community members is being rolled out across the South Australian Murray-Darling Basin (SAMDB) region by Natural Resources SAMDB to build our understanding of biodiversity trends. Bat observations and call recordings by community participants will be entered through an online portal that they can access. All data will be shared publicly through the Atlas of Living Australia website.

Who can participate

The bat monitoring program is open to community members interested in bats and recording their observations and collecting call data. The program caters for novices through to experienced bat experts who may already be involved with other bat programs. Acoustic recorders can be borrowed to record bat calls at any suitable location. Someone skilled in analysing bat call sonograms will identify the species calling in the recording and enter the data to the website.

Why get involved

Bat watching is a fun pastime that gets you connected with the environment. Registered participants will have access to all data in the system and the ability to track their own recordings over time. The information that you collect will contribute to a better understanding of bat populations across the SAMDB region.

How can I get involved

To get involved in bat monitoring activities join the MEGA Murray-Darling Microbat Project.

MEGA Murray-Darling Microbat Project

What if I need help?

If you are inexperienced there will be training opportunities available in how to use the equipment, and even how to analyse the downloaded calls. 

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