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Review of private carryover policy consultation workshops (Consultation)
04 February 2020 until 06 February 2020
The SAMDB NRM Board in partnership with DEW is exploring if improvements can be made to the existing policy without impacting on the reliability of Class 3 entitlements. The SAMDB NRM Board and DEW intend to consult with the community in early 2020 to seek views on the proposed changes.

Pike Floodplain community tour (Event)
04 February 2020
Community members are invited to come along and check out the completed Pike Floodplain works. The twilight tour will provide an insight into what the structures look like and how they are operated to provide ecological outcomes.

Dealing with the dry - regional forum for growers (Event)
06 February 2020
Growers are invited to attend the dry time regional forum which offers practical advice on production decisions such as nutrition budgeting and application, soil, fallow and herbicide residue management and broader farming system decisions.

Pinnaroo pulse check discussion group meeting (Event)
07 February 2020
Join GRDC for a 2019 harvest wrap up session to share learnings from a tough season and discuss opportunities to improve farming practices for 2020.

Coordinated group baiting to manage foxes (Event)
13 February 2020 until 25 February 2020
Managing the impact of foxes on the local landscape is most successful when neighbouring properties are baited in a coordinated program. To assist landholders to manage the detrimental effects of foxes, Natural Resources SA Murray-Darling Basin are offering a group baiting program across the Mallee and Coorong and Ranges to River Districts.

RCS Grazing clinic (Event)
14 February 2020
The RCS grazing clinic is a practical hands-on workshop that develops your skills as a grass manager.

Soil improvement with recycled organics in broadacre farming (Event)
19 February 2020
This event will provide growers with a solid introduction to key attributes of soil health and opportunities for improvement with an emphasis on organic inputs.

Unlocking agricultural potential 2020 forum (Event)
21 February 2020
Join us for the unlocking agricultural potential 2020 forum and hear from a range of speakers on how to unlock the agricultural potential of your land.

Thriving women 2020 conference (Event)
24 February 2020
The thriving women 2020 conference is the premier conference to secure a sustainable future for women living and working in agriculture and associated industries.

Pumping carbon into soil for productivity and profit (Event)
26 February 2020
Join South Australian Regenerative Farmers for a one day summer workshop with Arnd Enneking, Tom Bradman and Dick Richardson. The workshop will include both a classroom style discussion, an afternoon paddock walk and a practical demonstration of ecological functions.

Farming matters - for our love of the land (Event)
24 March 2020
The farming matters conference will highlight the many recent developments in natural capital, environmental stewardship, and the innovative agriculture sector which is emerging globally to respond to issues such as droughts, climate variability and the growing consumer demand for sustainable produce.