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Sandy soils and saltland pasture redemption tour (Event)
02 October 2019
Sandy soils and saltland pasture redemption tour Wednesday 2 October

Seasonal outlook - Tailem Bend information session (Event)
02 October 2019
A free information session on the upcoming season will be held in Tailem Bend for local residents.

Australian birds workshop with GWLAP (Event)
15 October 2019
Join Goolwa to Wellington LAP and John Gitsham for a workshop about Australian birds and their role as pollinators, seed dispersers and insect controllers

Langhorne Creek soil pit session (Event)
16 October 2019
Take a closer look at what’s going on throughout the soil profile and gain a better understanding of how soil, plant roots and local hydrology function.

Shrub species for livestock paddock walk (Event)
16 October 2019
Join the South Australian Regenerative Farmers (SARF) to discuss the value of shrub species for livestock nutrition. This discussion will include how to select species, design plantings, and manage shrub species in a grazing system and source seed.

Australia New Zealand Biochar Study Tour and conference (Event)
20 October 2019 until 26 October 2019
Held in Canberra by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, the ABARES Outlook conference is an information exchange and networking event. It connects leading national and international speakers and producers with motivated and information seeking public and private sector decision-makers.

Agricultural skills for better soils workshop (Event)
24 October 2019
Join Australian Holistic Management Co-operative for a free one-day workshop with two of Australia’s leading presenters on regenerative agriculture and Holistic Management.