Sponsorship is provided for a specific event, conference, award or activity. These activities are usually seen as an opportunity to promote the South Australian Murray-Darling Basin Natural Resources Management Board through NRM. 

Who can apply?

Sponsorship is intended for individuals and community groups for a specific event, conference, award or activity. Each application will be assessed on its individual merits:

Potentially eligible activities:

  • activities within the SAMDB NRM region and/or benefit the SAMDB NRM community
  • activities that will increase the community’s understanding of/or involvement in natural resources management
  • activities that will help to publicize or promote the Board and its objectives
  • activities that have educational value or lead to better natural resources management.

Potentially ineligible activities:

  • activities that have no direct benefit to the Natural Resources SAMDB community
  • activities that are legally the responsibility of the applicant or another agency
  • activities that have no clear links to objectives of the SAMDB NRM Board
  • activities that involve only a few individuals as beneficiaries of the sponsorship funding. 

Refer to the related links below for the guidelines and application form.

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