Mt Barker Junction Railway Station – restoration proposal

The Department for Environment and Water (the Department) has received a request to purchase and restore the Mount Barker Junction Railway Station at Balhannah (the request is not related to the terminal station located within Mount Barker). The potential purchaser intends to use the station as a residence, and once restored, the station may be made available to SteamRanger Heritage Railway to incorporate as part of its historic rail route. Passengers, train enthusiasts and the local community may be provided with access to the platform and invited to enjoy refreshments served from the station.

The parcel of land being considered is highlighted in yellow on the aerial map below. It is a portion of Allotment 43 in Deposited Plan 60624. 

 Aerial map of Mount Barker Junction station

The Department is assessing this request to purchase crown land and invites the community to make comment. This must be submitted in writing and received by the close of business close of business Friday, 11 January 2019.

Address all correspondence to:

Emily Dunstan
Project and Property Officer
Department for Environment and Water
GPO Box 1047
Adelaide SA 5000


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