Soils resources

Managing Sandy Soils

Coomandook Sandy Soil Improvement Trials (Report)

Coomandook Sandy Soil Improvement Trial (Fact Sheet)

Coomandook Soil Pit Field Day (Report)

Lowbank Agricultural Bureau Sandy Soil Improvement Trials (Report)

Lowbank Agricultural Bureau Sandy Soil Improvement Trials (Fact Sheet)

Current and Recent Broad Acre Sandy Soils Projects in the South Australian Mallee (Report)

On Farm Production of Biochar for Improved Soil Health (Fact Sheet)

Managing Acidic Soils

Innovative and Cost Effective Solutions for the Treatment of Soil Acidity (Fact Sheet)

Lime and Lime Quality for Acid Soils (Report)

Variable Rate Liming (Case Study)

Point Pass Soil Constraints Investigation (Fact Sheet)

Managing Mallee Seeps

Mallee Seeps Information Sheet

Mallee Dune Seepage Summary Report

Mallee Dune Seepage Deep Soils Analysis

Drilling and Well Installation (Report)

Investigation and Assessment of Mallee Dune Seeps (Report)

Land, Soil and Water Investigations of Dune Seepage Systems in the South Australian Murray Mallee (Report)

Monitoring Mallee Seeps Reports

On Farm Trials and Demonstrations to Address Seeps in the Murray Mallee (Report)

Perched Watertable Induced Seepages in Dune-Swale Landscapes of SA's Agricultural Lands (Report)

Mallee Dune Seepage Near Karoonda (Report)

Soil Characterisation and Land Unit Mapping (Pope Sub Catchment) (Report)

Soil Characterisation and Land Unit Mapping (Rose-Thomas Sub Catchment) (Report)

Technical Support for Farms with Seeps (Report)

Well Construction Report for Mallee Dune Seeps Project (Report)

Mallee Seeps Farmer Survey 2017 (Report)

The use of Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) to manage seeps Martins Report, Karoonda 2018 (Report)

Agriculture Bureau-Specific Resources

Point Pass Agricultural Bureau - Soil Smart Book

Point Pass Agricultural Bureau - Sub Soil Manuring Trials (Presentation)

Cookmandook Agricultural Bureau - Soil Water Express (Case Study)

Precision Agriculture

Variable Rate Farming (VRT) (Case Study)

Variable Rate Technology (VRT) Project Methodology (Guide)

Variable Rate Technology (VRT) Information Folder



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