Plan to Plant Indigenous Guide

Planting locally indigenous plants on your property is a great way to help native species. The Plan to Plant Indigenous Guide is an interactive tool that shows the original vegetation and detailed lists of species in the SA Murray-Darling Basin prior to European settlement.

To use the the Plan to Plant Indigenous Guide:

  • click the town nearest to your property or enter the address in the ‘search bar’ in the left hand corner of the screen
  • locate your property on the map and use the zoom tool to move in closer. The colours represent different Plant Communities. ‘Click’ on the area closest to your property. Your property may cover more than one plant community.

Note: plant communities highlighted are provided as a guide only. Many factors, such as soil type, rainfall and land gradient influence the distribution of indigenous plant species, with variation in species mix possible across even small distances. For site specific information contact your local natural resources office.

To access the Plan to Plant Indigenous Guide click here

Please note: we are experiencing some technical difficulties with the guide at the moment. You will see a message "For development purposes only" we are working towards removing this. In the meantime you will still be able to use the site and download planting guides. We appreciate your patience.