Caring for Paringa Paddock

About Paringa Paddock

Paringa Paddock is an important wetland located between Renmark and Paringa. It has become disconnected from the main river channel, so important native trees such as river red gums and black box found around the wetland are not getting the water they need.

How are we caring for Paringa Paddock

The Department for Environment and Water (DEW) is restoring this connection by installing or replacing culverts to allow water to flow into and through the wetland, and installing a regulator to manage when and for how long water is held in the wetland. DEW is also dredging several creeks and removing a creek crossing to improve water flow.

Our aim for Paringa Paddock

Since the locks and weirs were introduced to the River Murray in the early 1900s, the river system has changed enormously. Before their construction, wetlands used to have water flowing in and out during different seasons so they had wet and dry cycles.

Relatively stable levels of water in the main river channel have resulted in many wetlands becoming disconnected from the river or are now permanently under water. This has changed their character by reducing the number and diversity of the plants and animals which live in them.

DEW is working to reconnect some of these wetlands so they can again experience wet and dry cycles. This will help them return to a more natural state and build resilience towards changes in climate and the impacts of drought.

What’s happening

Work is expected to start in November 2018 and should be completed by early 2019.

During construction public access will be restricted for safety reasons.

Signs will be installed on the roads and tracks affected and alternative trails will be marked. On the back of this factsheet is a map showing the areas that will be closed.

While this work is happening, parts of the park will be closed and alternative trails marked.

If you visit the park during this time please remain vigilant and follow any instructions on the temporary signage.

For more information download the fact sheet or view the map which shows which parts of the park will be closed during construction.

Lead agency

Department for Environment and Water

Funding partners

This work is part of the Riverine Recovery Project, a joint Australian and South Australian government program to improve the health of the River Murray and its wetlands and floodplains from the South Australian-Victorian border to Wellington.


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