Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator

The Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator (RALF) is a key component of the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program, with one RALF allocated to each of Australia’s 56 NRM regions. The RALF for the South Australian Murray-Darling Basin primarily works with farmers and industry groups to identify and address key issues regarding sustainable agriculture in the region.

The RALF will:

  • engage with farmers, land managers, community groups and farming systems groups to deliver agricultural outcomes that will improve sustainability, productivity and profitability
  • Facilitate partnerships that will best deliver agriculture outcomes, such as connecting industry, grower and community groups so that they can work together to address issues of common concern

  • Assisting farmers, farming groups, community groups and agricultural industries to develop new projects and seek funding, membership and resources for NRM activities

  • supporting the development, promotion, delivery, and evaluation of current NLP funded projects within the region

  • supporting the delivery of capacity-building activities such as workshops and farm demonstrations

  • informing farmers, community groups and agricultural industries within their management unit about emerging ideas, climate change activities, on‐farm biosecurity and chemicals management, innovative practices and relevant new government policy to help improve the sustainability, productivity and profitability of agriculture.

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Lead agency

Natural Resources SA Murray-Darling Basin

Funding partners

This project is supported by the South Australian Murray-Darling Basin Natural Resources Management Board through funding from the Australia Government's National Landcare Program and NRM levies. 

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More information

  • Eliza Rieger
    Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator

    6 Catherine Street, Strathalbyn, SA, 5255
    08 8536 5613
    0408 416 684

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