River Industry Irrigation Renewal Program

This project is now complete.

What is the River Industry Irrigation Renewal Program?

Under this $110 million Australian and South Australian government program, the aim is to help industries that are reliant on River Murray water – such as wine grape, horticulture and dairy – to adopt better and more efficient irrigation technology.

What is being done?

Funds are being invested in the Private Irrigation Infrastructure Program to: 

  • improve irrigation systems and practices 
  • enable the uptake of newer and smarter technology.

This project is providing the opportunity for communities and government to work together to address the urgent need to be smarter with water.

Irrigation systems and practices are being improved, and we’re seeing the uptake of newer and smarter technology along the River Murray.

Why are funds being invested in irrigation efficiency?

Food and wine exports from the Murray-Darling Basin in South Australia are valued at $1.1 billion. The challenge for river communities is to remain sustainable while facing a future of reduced water availability and a changing climate.

Lead agency

Australian Government's Department of the Environment


Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources


More information

  • Private Irrigation Infrastructure Program
    Australian Government’s Department of the Environment
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