Youth Voice for Maize Island Project

Empowering today’s youth in making decisions for their future.

Why Maize Island Lagoon Conservation Park?

In 2015, members of the River Murray Youth Council (RMYC), a youth environmental leadership group, visited Maize Island Lagoon Conservation Park to learn about pest control and park management. The value of this local park really resonated with the group and so members helped to develop a strategic approach to raise the parks profile. Together with Riverland West Landcare, the RMYC were successful in receiving a grant to support the implementation of their plan. Some old off-road driving tracks were given a new purpose, becoming a walking trail dedicated to a passionate member of the Waikerie community and advocate for the park, Peter Jacobs.

Why get the River Murray Youth Council involved?

Their involvement was to provide the RMYC members a hands-on learning experience and skills and have input into the future management of the park. The program was ‘youth’ driven and gave those involved a sense of ownership within their local area.

The aim of the project

The walking trail provides a dedicated area for visitors and an opportunity to learn about the park. The interpretive signs, which were developed by the RMYC members include information about; environmental watering, floodplain vegetation, plant ecology, threatened species, river red gum, local wildlife, pest species and the history and community value of Maize Island.

Together with their collaborative partners, Riverland West Landcare and Rotary Club of Waikerie, the RMYC members will have an on-going presence and input into the future management of Maize Island. 

Special thanks

Thank you to the following RMYC mentors who helped with the operational side of the project - from installing bollards and signs to providing transport for RMYC members:

Chris Koolmatrie, Cindy Kakoschke, Glenn Chisholm, Hannah Spronk, Karen Bishop, Lauren Burdett, Michael Boon, Myles Fauser, Naomi Prunckun and Nicole Hahn.

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Lead agency

Department for Environment and Water


Riverland West Landcare and Rotary Club of Waikerie

Funding partners

This project is supported by the Department for Environment and Water through funding from the joint Australian and South Australian Governments’ Riverine Recovery Project.

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