Grants for adjustments to stock and domestic water supplies due to groundwater level drawdown (Mallee Prescribed Wells)

  • Fact sheet
  • August 2015

The development of irrigation in the Mallee Prescribed Wells Area can led to drawdown in some areas. The drawdown can be considerable, particularly during the irrigation season in the eastern part of the Mallee Prescribed Wells Area where the aquifer is confined. This can potentially affect stock and domestic water users.

Stock and domestic water users may need to make adjustments to their pumps in order to maintain adequate yields and lift.

The Mallee Prescribed Wells Area cost-sharing arrangement for stock and domestic water supply (the cost-sharing arrangement) has been developed to help stock and domestic water users to make the adjustments required.

The cost-sharing arrangement has been established with funds obtained from the levy on water allocation in the Mallee Prescribed Wells Area. In that way, all licensees contribute to the costs of adjusting stock and domestic water supplies.

What assistance can be obtained?

Financial assistance can be obtained for most adjustments needed to maintain adequate yields and lift where these are reduced as a result of drawdown, including:

Eligibility for assistance

Support may be made available to landholders/lessees:

More information

For more detailed information, see the full PDF document in the related links below, Mallee Prescribed Wells Area cost sharing arrangements – fifth edition.

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