On-Farm Irrigation Efficiency Program wrap up

  • Fact sheet
  • August 2015
Conversion to drip irrigation is one of the infrastructure improvements that farmers have made using OFIEP funding.

The On-Farm Irrigation Efficiency Program was part of the Australian Government’s $5.8 billion Sustainable Rural Water Use and Infrastructure Program component of Water for the Future package. The project is now closed.

The Australian Government committed $450 million to the program, awarded through competitive funding rounds.

The South Australian Murray-Darling Basin Natural Resources Management Board was successful in obtaining approximately $90.0m in funding for over 380 projects across the first four rounds of the program.

How did the program work?

An assessment of each individual irrigator occurred to determine the water savings generated by improving on-farm irrigation infrastructure and/or management.

A minimum water saving of 20 megalitres (ML) needed to be generated for each irrigator project, of which at least 50% or 10ML had to be returned to the Australian Government for environmental purposes.

What types of projects were eligible?

What were the anticipated water savings?



Grapes (maximum production)

Other activities water savings

Water savings are provided as a guide only and irrigators are encouraged to contact their local irrigation advisor to further discuss potential project water savings.

More information

Speak to an irrigation consultant or your product distributor to find out how best to meet your requirements. We have developed a range of factsheets to assist you with irrigation management. See the related links below.

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