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Aboriginal Partnerships - The Aboriginal Partnerships Program works with a range of Aboriginal, government and community group partners to support a range of Aboriginal training and employment projects across the region. Regular Aboriginal Partnerships Update newsletters are produced to keep people informed of the program’s activities 

Board communiques - The Board Communique is a monthly summary of the outcomes of the SA Murray-Darling Basin NRM Board. It provides updates and information about Board directions.

Citizen Science - NRM citizen science is an e-newsletter sent 4-6 times a year to interested community members.  It provides updates on a range of citizen science projects active in the SA Murray-Darling Basin region and promotes numerous opportunities for community involvement.

NRM Education - Weekly and quarterly updates for school staff highlighting funding opportunities, grants and awards, coming events and opportunities, and resources for schools.

Pipeline Sustainable Irrigation - is a quarterly e-newsletter to provide useful information about sustainable irrigation. It reports updates, milestones and achievements for initiatives such as the Australian Government funded On-Farm Irrigation Efficiency Program, and highlights industry news and events. 

Soil Matters newsletter - a bimonthly newsletter updating recent soil events and forecasts within the region. 

Securing Low Flows - The Securing Low Flows Project sends out important updates to highlight news and events related to the planning and implementation of the Securing Low Flows Project in the Eastern Mount Lofty Ranges and Marne Saunders Prescribed Water Resources Areas.

The Drift - The Drift is a weekly e-newsletter to all Board stakeholders and NRM community members. The Drift promotes and highlights good news stories, events to which our stakeholders are invited and any updates on grant and funding opportunities