Annual ground water salinity sampling

Monitoring groundwater resources regularly is important for tracking the resource condition over time.

Water licence holders play an important role in helping to monitor the groundwater resource by collecting samples from the wells or bores on their property. These samples are analysed by the Department for Environment and Water and complements other groundwater monitoring activities undertaken in prescribed water resource areas.

Samples are usually requested at the end of the irrigation season as this is when the salinity levels are likely to be highest. This is also the most convenient time for most irrigators as a sample can be taken easily after an irrigation cycle, rather than having to start and purge the well/bore to clear out stale water and get a representative sample from the aquifer.

If you have submitted a water sample in the past, the results of that test and other useful information can be found here on WaterConnect.

Results from each year’s sample will be available approximately three months after the closing date for sample collection.

Your ongoing participation is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions in relation to well/bore sampling methods or the location of your well/bore, please contact us on 08 8532 9100.

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