Water calculator

This farm water calculator has been developed to assist landholders in the Eastern and Western Mount Lofty Ranges to estimate how much water they need for different purposes including stock, domestic, irrigation and industrial. Start using the calculator now, or scroll down to read more about how it works.

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Knowing how much water you need may help to identify if there are opportunities for you to trade water or access funding to reduce your dam capacity.

If your property is located in the Angas or Bremer River catchments, and you have more water than you need you may be eligible for funding to reduce your dam capacity or remove any unwanted dams - for more information contact the High Demand Project Officer on 8391 7526 and/or visit the high demand webpage.

If you are a licensed water user, the calculator may identify that your current and/or future licensed water requirements are significantly different to your water allocation. Your annual water use, recorded by water meter/s, may also help to confirm a surplus or shortfall in your water allocation. Water trade is one way to help get the balance right for you - buy in more water if more is needed or potentially sell water if it is not required.

Note: water calculator results for irrigation are based on maximum production (except in the case of wine-grape, pasture - low production, and pasture - standard production), no limiting factors and average historic climatic conditions.

For information about trading water allocations in or out see the Water Trading in the Eastern Mount Lofty Ranges fact sheet.

Approval of water allocation transfers is subject to assessment against the principles of the Eastern Mount Lofty Ranges Water Allocation Plan. For information about transfer applications, forms, fees and the assessment process, please ring the Department for Environment and Water licensing office in Berri on 8595 2053 or visit the SA Murray-Darling Basin Natural Resources Management Board Permits and Licences web page.

Note that the data contained in this farm water calculator is provided for general information and should be used as a guide only. The information should not be used as the sole basis for decision making. You are advised to exercise caution and seek independent professional advice before entering into any investment or financial obligation based on the results from this calculator.

The calculator involves a five step process:

  1. Property location to determine the relevant climate zone. This is required so that irrigation requirements (based on rainfall and evaporation as well as crop type and area) can be calculated.
  2. Unlicensed water use, such as stock and domestic use and other purposes such as firefighting and chemical application of non-irrigated crops.
  3. Licensed water use for irrigation (requires a water licence and allocation).
  4. Licensed water use for industrial and commercial purposes (requires a water licence and allocation).
  5. Results page giving a summary of the estimated water requirements.