Meet our board members

 SE NRM Board Presiding Member Fiona Rasheed

Fiona Rasheed

Presiding Member, since 2017

Fiona moved to the South East in 2007, and lives with her family on a farm at Keilira, near Kingston where they produce sheep and cattle.

 I have a longstanding interest in natural resources management which I explored through university studies in Law, International Studies, and Environmental Management. I worked in a variety of roles with the SE NRM Board during my first few years in the South East and more recently was involved with Primary Producers SA as chair of the NRM Committee. 

 My involvement with our farm business has further developed my practical understanding and experience of the management of natural resources. Having three young children has strengthened my resolve to improve the health of our landscapes.

I strongly believe that the most effective natural resources management approaches put people first. Ensuring that the community is effectively engaged in natural resources management approaches is critical. It is important that we focus on achieving outcomes that ensure the right balance of sustainable production, community connection and environmental health.

 SE NRM Board member Deb Agnew

Deb Agnew

Board member since 2016 

Deb is a passionate and enthusiastic advocate for rural life and has lived in the South East for all of her adult life. Based at Mount McIntyre, and together with husband Chris, Deb also operates a prime lamb farming business.

I love this region - it is where most of my family live, work and play. I coach for the Mount Burr Netball Club, and am currently the president. I enjoy keeping fit and take a number of functional fitness classes and personal training clients each week. I support a Mount Burr Community Group working towards a more connected, welcoming and aesthetically pleasing community.

For as long as I can remember I have had a keen interest in the environment. As a primary producer, working with my husband we aim to leave our small patch in a better condition than the barren and wind swept land we took on as young farmers. The complex nature of maintaining the balance keeps me interested and seeking answers. 

SE NRM Board member Robyn Campbell

Robyn Campbell

Board member since 2017  

Robyn is a descendant of the Boandik & Meintangk Peoples of the south east and is passionate about caring for country.

I am a current member of the State Aboriginal Heritage Committee and Co-Chairperson of the South East Aboriginal Focus Group who have provided advice to the Natural Resources South East for over 14 years.

This region is special to me, it was the land my ancestors cared for. For Aboriginal people, culture, country and language are interwoven and inherently linked and all need to be protected and cared for.

I believe partnerships need to continue and be stronger between Aboriginal nations, governments and non-govt organisations to create opportunities to care for our environment and natural resources and strengthen connection to country for all peoples and our future generations.


Faith Coleman

Board member since 2018

Faith comes from a family of environmentalists and primary producers, and spent her childhood exploring tidal deltas in some of the most remote regions of Australia.

My family arrived in South Australia 25 years ago, on a six month contract to rescue an ailing saltfield. Having studied Storm Boy at school, when our family client asked what I wanted to see while in the South East, my immediate response was ‘the Coorong!’

Since then, I’ve worked along the Coorong assisting landholders and communities with a range of natural resources management issues.

 I am passionate about managing our landscapes as a whole – soils, water, biota, communities and economics, to achieve the best outcome for the environment, ourselves and future generations. When I’m not indulging in the management of our natural resources, I’m enjoying them with my two young sons – kayaking, gardening, taking photographs of wildflowers and researching estuarine processes.

To move towards better landscape management, we need to work together. I believe that natural resources management is the most effective way to do this.  
 SE NRM Board member Kerry DeGaris

Kerry DeGaris

Board member since 2016

Born and bred at Bool Lagoon, Kerry moved to Adelaide to study Agricultural Science, and has been back in the region on farm at Bool since 2004.

After graduation, I moved to the Riverland then on to Griffith in NSW to work in the wine industry.  I returned home to Naracoorte to work as a viticulturist and complete a Masters degree in viticulture. I have also completed a PhD with a focus on irrigation management using moderately saline water and how to influence ion movement in grapevines.

I now work in the local wine industry part time, and am involved in a number of community groups including the Penola Show, Penola National Trust, Limestone Coast Ladies, and Bool Lagoon Hall.

With an interest in water management, in my time on the Board I hope to influence how water and our other natural resources are managed in the region.

 SE NRM Board member Graham Gates

Graham Gates

Board member since 2018

Graham Gates has lived in the Tintinara area for 36 years, the first 15 as a farmer and the next 21 working on the Local Action Plan for the Coorong and Tatiara District Councils.

I have a wide interest in all things related to sustainable agriculture and the environment, particularly dryland salinity, wind erosion, groundwater, revegetation, native fauna and flora – and I particularly hate woody weeds.

I spend a lot of volunteer time carrying out pest plant and animal control in the native vegetation parklands surrounding Tintinara and other reserves.

The South East is my home, it’s where my family and friends are, and where I raised my four children. I have been a member of the CFS for over 40 years, now in the Colebach Brigade, I am also a committee member for the Tintinara Men’s Shed, and an active member of the Tintinara Lions Club.

Joining the Board earlier this year, I’m looking to continue my interest in the environment and sustainable agriculture, and represent the northern area of the South East region.                          
 SENRM Board member Kerry Gilkes

Kerry Gilkes

Board member since 2016

Kerry lives at Avenue Range, working with her husband Chas to run a prime lamb and beef enterprise on their 1215ha property.

Over the past nine years, I have worked as the extension contractor for the ‘Cockies helping Cockies’ project, working with local landholders to protect and revegetate vital feeding and nesting habitat for the endangered Red-tailed Black Cockatoo. As part of this commitment, I support the popular ‘Kids Helping Cockies’ education program which runs across 15 local schools.

I’ve also enjoyed working with the Nature Conservation Society of SA working with landholders and local government to identify and manage native grassy ecosystems in the Upper South East.

I am passionate about achieving sustainable natural resources management in the region, and the invaluable role our community plays to make decisions for a healthier landscape – ultimately meeting the needs of the local people and the environment. 

Tim Collins - Regional Director NRSE

Tim Collins

Regional Director, Natural Resources South East

Originally from the dairy farming region of Gippsland, Vic, Tim moved to the South East to a farming property near Penola in the 1970s, and worked in the agricultural sector and wine industry at Coonawarra for many years. 

 I commenced working for the South Australian Government in the Environment and Natural Resources sector in the late 1980’s.  With formal qualifications in environmental management, I have been a Ranger in the Arid Lands, Northern and Yorke, and South East regions of the state as well as overseas on exchange in Ireland.

 My experience includes working in rural communities, protected area management, wildlife management, tourism and recreation management, sustainable landscape management and sustainable agriculture management.

I have also worked as Regional Conservator, in the Northern and Yorke region, prior to taking up the role of Regional Director of Natural Resources South East. I believe that working with communities on a landscape scale is vital to managing the state's environment and natural resources.