Our region's progress

By investing the NRM Levy collected by local councils through rates notices, plus funding from State and Federal Government, we continue to improve, enhance and protect our natural resources. This is done through on ground works, education, building landholder capacity and community involvement.

Our Achievement Reports give a sample of the progress and success in the region to date, where future investment is needed and how you can get involved.

Why we track progress

The South East Natural Resources Management (NRM) Plan sets out goals and targets to guide activities to improve natural resource outcomes in the South East.There are two types of targets in the NRM Plan:

  • resource condition targets (RCTs) that are long term (20 year) and reflect the desired state of our natural resources
  • management action targets (MATs) that are shorter term (5 year) and represent ‘stepping stones’ of achievement towards improving the condition of the natural resources.

Details of these targets can be found in Volume 2 of the NRM Plan: Strategic Plan and a one page overview is also available.

It is important to monitor and report on progress against these targets to assess whether:

  • the condition of natural resources is improving
  • we have been successful in implementing the NRM Plan
  • ·our projects are making a difference
  • we can improve what we are doing.

How we track progress

There is a detailed monitoring, evaluation, reporting and improvement framework (MERI) for the NRM Plan. We measure progress made against the Management Action Targets of the NRM Plan.

All of our projects are delivered following a Project Management Framework. One focus of the framework is reporting and evaluating what we are achieving and how we can improve our projects to create greater NRM outcomes.

Rewriting the NRM Plan

The new plan will be a simpler, more user-friendly document, more relevant to the community and will identify what is valued most about our region. There are a number of reasons for rewriting our Plan, including to:

  • account for the potential impacts of climate change on our region
  • include additional knowledge about our natural resources that we have learnt since 2010
  • better align with new Landscape SA Act
  • develop new short-term management action targets, as many in the 2010 Plan have been achieved.

Developing a new, values-based Regional NRM Plan

The current Regional NRM Plan is asset and issues-based, tackling things like pests, soils, biodiversity and water separately. The new approach recognises how our systems work together and considers what action is needed to maintain the South East’s unique environmental, economic, social and cultural values.

Through surveys, meetings and workshops, we have identified community values in our region, threats to these values and ideas for action to protect our landscapes. Over 2000 community members have been involved in the process and there will be more opportunities to be involved in the future. 

More information

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