Proud of Your Paddock Trees?

06 May 2019 until 31 May 2019

What's your tree story?

Do you have a favourite tree? Would you like to see it immortalised on film and as part of a special exhibition launched at the Landcare Conference in Bordertown in October?

An integral part of the South East landscape, our giant, ancient paddock trees anchor the landscape, provide shelter and food for livestock and wildlife, serve as landmarks and cultural meaning to indigenous people, and mark the passing of generations through family farms and across the region.

All you have to do:

Share a photo on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtags #mytreenrse and #myviewnrse. We'll select the best, then visit to take photos and video, and hear the story of what makes your tree special!

Trees are to be located in the South East NRM Region.

You must have a public profile (so we can see your photos), and post by midnight Friday 31 May 2019. Alternatively, you can email photos to Abigail.goodman@sa.gov.au. For more information, call Abigail on 8762 9701 or Alison on 8735 1213.

This project is made possible by the South East Natural Resources Management Board.


Anyone in the South East is eligible to enter.

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