Frog Watch


Be a citizen scientist and help us care for our frogs

We need your help to protect the frogs of the South East and improve their plight by becoming a citizen scientist.

Frogs play a crucial role in developing and maintaining a healthy environment. To help us understand frogs better, where they are living, where they are declining and other factors; we need people to get out there and count frogs.

Natural Resources South East has joined with Atlas of Living Australia to develop a web-based Citizen Science Project to better understand how the frog populations in the South East have been going since the original 2006 frog census.

Download a flyer to share with your friends, family or school.

When to record your frogs

You can record your frogs anytime.

It is easy and fun and you will make a positive difference. Any age can do it, why not do it as a family?

All you need to do is click on the frog above and: 

1. Register (you will get an email saying you have registered and then another when you are approved. It may take up to 48 hours)

2. Find frogs

3. Log into the website with your username and password and say where you found the frog and what type of frog it is.

Don't know a lot about frogs? It doesn't matter as the website has pictures and descriptions to help you and a maps so you can easily say where you found it. You can even listen to their croaks and calls on the website to help you with identification.

You can also take a picture or recording of the frogs you find and our ecologist will help you identify it.

So get started today!