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We appreciate how much our volunteers help our environment! 

Our native plants and animals and our agricultural industries all benefit greatly from the understanding, advocacy and conservation efforts of volunteers. Volunteers also get many benefits including enjoying nature, healthy activity and feeling good about contributing to the environment.

There are many ways to get involved with looking after our environment; from joining a community group or not-for-profit organisation, participating at one-off events or helping out at a community-run natural resource centre. If you would like to volunteer, please complete our volunteer expression of interest form. We are committed to helping our volunteers - read more in our Volunteer Statement of Commitment.

Current Natural Resources South East specific opportunities

Natural Resources South East has specific activities that require volunteer assistance or where volunteers are welcome to participate. Below are some of the types of work we do and the activities that are part of that. Contact the Natural Resources Centre on 08 87351177 or complete the expression of interest form to register your interest. The below events are subject to availability and resourcing.

On park works:
Trail maintenance
Tree planting

Bird Surveys:
Orange Bellied parrot
Mallee Fowls

Citizen science:
Frog census
Weedy sea dragon
Flora and fauna counts
Palaeontology Project

Marine debris
Reef watch
Seed Processing
Sustainable Agriculture

Further information

How to promote your volunteer event fact sheet