NRM Officers

A network of Natural Resources Management (NRM) Officers located across the region has been established to ensure early detection and rapid response to pest incursions. NRM Officers assist landholders with their pest plant and animals management and ensure landholders are fulfilling their obligations under Natural Resources Management Act.

The Act states that it is the responsibility of the landholder to control pest plants and animals on their property. They are also responsible for the sale or movement of pest plant and animals. The Act allows NRM Boards to recover the cost of controlling roadside pest plants and pest animals from adjoining landholders

NRM Officers are here to help and pride themselves on their knowledge, expertise and strong relationships with local landholders, industry and the community. They can assist in a variety of tasks. Please note, some services provided may be fee-for-service.

NRM Officers can provide:

  • Information such as weed identification or explaining your responsibilities
  • Advice on pest control such as best eradication methods or best time of year to tackle a pest.
  • Publications and factsheets
  • Carrying out compliance activities.
  • Bio-control.

If you need assistance with pest plant or animal control, please contact our NRM Officers or call 08 87351177.

For more information on each of our NRM Officers, their focus and their contact details, download an NRM Officer Contact Sheet here .

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