Lower South East District works program

This project will assist the effective facilitation, support and engagement of the Lower South East Natural Resources Management (LSE NRM) Group. It will deliver a district wildlife management program and effectively manage public lands for biodiversity conservation, visitor enjoyment and community engagement.

The project will also effectively deliver the South East NRM Board's animal and plant control program in the LSE district, and effective delivery of district biodiversity programs.

In line with the management action targets of our regional NRM Plan, this project will include:

  • improving native vegetation
  • managing Ramsar wetlands
  • managing priority habitats
  • managing threatened species
  • improving landscape connectivity
  • protecting Aboriginal sites
  • involving primary producers
  • supporting community and volunteers
  • increasing community awareness
  • reducing key invasive species
  • managing pests
  • protecting land from erosion
  • responding to new pests
  • involving Aboriginal people.