Naracoorte Cave World Heritage Management Strategy

This project will establish a community advisory group with executive officer support for the Naracoorte Australian Fossil Mammal Site (AFMS) World Heritage Area (WHA).

The existing Naracoorte Master Plan Reference Group will be retained as the Naracoorte AFMS Interagency-Community Reference Group and will provide advice to the Director National Parks, Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) for the management of Naracoorte WHA.

An executive officer will also be appointed to provide secretariat and administrative functions and coordinate state, Commonwealth world heritage and key regional interests, planning and policy matters and the development of a Naracoorte management strategy.

In line with the management action targets of our regional NRM Plan, this project includes:

  • managing priority habitats
  • protecting Aboriginal sites
  • planning across agencies
  • aligning strategic plans
  • nominating significant sites
  • protecting habitats through formal arrangements
  • involving Aboriginal people.