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The Coorong is a national treasure that supports threatened ecological communities and species. An underlying goal of this project is to create a culture of stewardship and care for the Coorong, so that every visitor to the site values the environment and recognises how fragile it is.

This project will help improve the ecological character of the Coorong and enhance habitat for threatened species along the Limestone Coast such as the hooded plover, orange-bellied parrot, eastern curlew, malleefowl and other migratory shorebirds.

Supported by Natural Resources South East, the project aims to deliver restoration of, and reduction in threats to, the ecological character of these areas.

 Key elements of this project are:


  • Action plans for important migratory shorebird sites and the Murray mouth seabird site (in partnership with Birdlife Australia)
  • A fire program for controlling invasive shrubs in sedge lands in the Southern Coorong
  • Revegetation plans to buffer the Coorong Ramsar site and provide threatened species habitat along the Limestone Coast
  • A monitoring program for saltmarsh of the Coorong
  • A cat control program
  • A community engagement plan for the project

 On ground works

  • Implementing a weed control program across parts of the Coorong and Limestone Coast (aerial boxthorn control)
  • Implementing a fox control program across areas of the Coorong to protect Hooded Plover and Malleefowl from predation
  • Undertaking a herbivore threat abatement program in the Coorong to protect Temperate Coastal Saltmarsh, Malleefowl habitat and the ecological character

Capture the Coorong Photo Competition

As one of the many special activities in the Coroong for Park of the Month in March, we launched take part in our Capture the Coorong photo competition *(Note closing date has been extended!)

Entries close 30 April 2019, and there are 12 prizes in four categories - Landscape, Wildlife, Flora and Visitor Experiences. Check out the terms and conditions and send your entries to: kellie.jordan@sa.gov.au.

Entry forms are available here.



Lead agency

South East Natural Resources Management Board


Birdlife Australia, Friends of Shorebirds SE

Funding partners

This project is funded $3.29 million by the Australian Government’s Regional Land Partnerships initiative of the National Landcare Program and the South East Natural Resources Management Board. It is expected to be completed by mid-2023.





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