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This page is to provide information to landholders and irrigators on sustainable irrigation management, groundwater management and irrigation efficiency. More information will be added shortly as we endeavour to bring relevant information and updates.

The information currently provided was previously hosted by SERIC as part of the now ceased "nrmIRRIGATION" module.

Fundamental to all sustainable irrigation enterprises is the need to ensure sustainable groundwater management. The South East Natural Resources Management Board has a number of key objectives in this area:

• To enhance the capacity of regional irrigators to improve productivity and viability through improved irrigation management
• To assist irrigators in mitigating the consequences of reliance on a regionally declining groundwater resource
• To encourage change towards best practice by providing current information on irrigation systems and management techniques

To assist landholders and irrigators, a comprehensive list of  available web resources on a variety of irrigation related issues and topics has been created and can be found in the left hand menu.

Note that a number of links will take you web-based information relevant to our local irrigation industry, but actually developed outside of the SE NRM Region.

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