Coastal Resources

Below are a range of resources for those wanting to learn more about our coastal region or even get involved.


Limestone Coast and Coorong
Our marine environment

Coastal Gardens - A planting Guide

This guide provides simple yet inspiring garden advice for people living on the Limestone Coast. Information on the benefits of using local naïve plants, what to plant and what not to plant for a range of plant forms - trees, shrubs, ground covers, grasses and sedges. As well it contains several examples of different garden design layouts using indigenous plants, maintenance tips and where to buy plants locally.

You can play your part in protecting this unique area by providing habitat for native species – birds, butterflies and others - in your garden. There's plenty of useful information in the Coastal Gardens Planting Guide.

Lower Limestone Coast and Coorong Action Plan

The Limestone Coast and Coorong Coastal Action Plan (2011) has been developed to protect and conserve the region’s natural coastal resources and to establish conservation priorities for actions and areas within the region. One of our coastal projects is to implement this plan.

It is also a source of comprehensive, detailed information for those wanting greater understanding of our coastal region and is available on the project page.

Coastal Community Groups of the South East Region Brochure

If you love spending time on the coast and want to learn more about the coastal environment, then joining a coastal community volunteer group is for you.
There are numerous volunteer and community groups involved in projects and activities that help conserve our coastal environments. The different groups range from Friends groups to Reefwatch, community service groups and field naturalists, Coastcare and Landcare groups. There is such a broad range of activities, that you are sure to find something to suit your interests.

Habitats and Threatened Species of the South East South Australia

The brochure Habitats and Threatened Species of the South East South Australia, has many of the plants, animals and habitats that are part of the coastal environment.

Bush food of the South East including coastal traditional knowledge

Natural Resources South East education staff in conjunction with local Aboriginal people, have developed a teaching resource kit designed to simply show the seasonal food sources used by the Bunganditj over millennia. Though this is primarily used in schools, many of the plants are found in our coastal region.

Berries and Fruit Poster

Birds and Eggs Poster

Leaves, insects and fungi poster

Plants poster

Seafood Poster

The Limestone Coast 4WD Explorers Guide

The Limestone Coast 4WD Explorers Guide helps people to experience and enjoy all the limestone coast has to offer. With the theme of ‘tread lightly’ the guide provides information on what to see and do, tips on beach and sand driving, equipment check list to be safe and prepared, maps and much more.

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