Drainage and Wetlands Strategy

Draft Strategy now available for consultation

Until now, the South East has not had a comprehensive strategy to guide the management of surface water and wetlands across the landscape. Now, this strategy will provide guidance to land managers, managers of water and the general community about the values, threats and management opportunities for surface water and wetlands of the region.

The South East Natural Resources Management Board is proud to present the draft Drainage and Wetlands Strategy, developed in collaboration with the South Eastern Water Conservation and Drainage Board.

The draft strategy is now open for comment. We would love to hear any feedback, whether general or specific, on the strategy. For ease of viewing the document is broken down into three parts:

Drainage and Wetlands Strategy Cover

The closing date for comments is 31 May 2019.

Please send your comments via email to DEW.SENRMBoard@sa.gov.au or call the Natural Resources Centre in Mount Gambier on (08) 8735 1177.

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