Amendments to WAA Permit Policy

Amendments to Part 4 of the South East NRM Plan Water Affecting Activity (WAA) Permit Policy were approved on 22 June 2017

As part of South Australia’s commitment to implementing the Murray Darling Basin Plan, changes are being made to existing planning documents in the State.

This affects the South East as a small portion of the SA Murray Darling Basin lies within our NRM region. For our region, changes include the introduction of a new surface water policy area called the Murray Darling Basin Surface Water Policy Area.

These changes will ensure an effective and consistent level of water resource planning for the management of surface water in non-prescribed areas across the SA Murray Darling Basin.

What are the changes?

For the new policy area, WAA’s policy applies to control the total capacity of dams to ensure the capture of surface water does not exceed the limit of 1351 ML.

Current dam development is approximately 481 ML. Dams that currently exist in the policy area have been accounted for and don’t need a permit or approval.

All new dams in the surface water policy area will need to meet the requirements of the policy and will need approval by applying for a permit accessible from Natural Resources South East.

If the proposed dam requires development approval e.g. it greater than 5ML in size, development approval from Local Government will be required. The addition of the new policy area has resulted in an adjustment to the area and allowable dam volumes in the adjacent Regional zone f surface water policy area.

For more information contact Team Leader Water Policy and Planning, Jennifer Schilling (08) 8762 9702.