LLC WAP Science Review

LLC WAP Science Review

Minister for Environment and Water The Hon David Speirs, placed a hold on the 2018 reductions to water allocations in the Lower Limestone Coast Water Allocation Plan (LLC WAP), while a review was conducted of the science underpinning the reductions. The Minister asked the South East Natural Resources Management Board (the Board) to lead the science review.

The Board engaged the Goyder Institute for Water Research (Goyder) as an independent body to conduct the science review which has recently been presented to the Minister and the Board. Please see the full report and plain language summary prepared by Goyder.

In addition to the science review, the board is also undertaking a risk assessment which is required to be completed by 1 July 2019. The risk assessment will determine if any groundwater management areas continue to be subject to high risks to the water resources and water users (including groundwater dependent ecosystems). Both the science review and risk assessment processes will help inform the Board and the Minister about whether further reductions to allocations are required.

Stakeholder Advisory Group

The Board formed a Stakeholder Advisory Group as a key way to engage the community and key industry groups, and provide advice to the Board throughout the Science Review and Risk Assessment process.

The Stakeholder Advisory Group includes:

  • SE NRM Board (Fiona Rasheed) – Advisory Group Chair
  • SE NRM Board (Kerry de Garis)
  • Coonawarra Vignerons (Peter Balnaves)
  • Limestone Coast Grape and Wine Council (James Freckleton)
  • Hynam East Irrigators (Tim Koch)
  • Zone 5A Irrigators (Nick Hillier)
  • Mid-South East Irrigators (John Hensel)
  • South East Potato Growers (Andrew Widdison)
  • Green Triangle Forest Products Committee (Darren Shelden)
  • Australian Forest Products (Leon Rademeyer)
  • Subclover Growers (Andrew Shepherd)
  • SA Dairy Farmers Association (Graeme Hamilton)
  • Grain Producers SA (David Malpas)
  • Limestone Coast Local Government Association (Erika Vickery)
  • Conservation Council SA (Mark Bachmann)
  • SA Water (Glyn Ashman)
  • South East Aboriginal Focus Group (Doug Nicholls)
  • Livestock SA (Peter Phillips)

Members of the community who would like more information about the risk assessment process are encouraged to contact a stakeholder group member that best represents their interests, or contact Senior Project Officer Water Planning Daniela Conesa (08) 8735 1140.


More information

  • Senior Project Officer - Water Planning
    (08) 8735 1140